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Engineers make a difference for equity and diversity

Video length: 28min

As a global leader in self-regulation, PEO has developed an equity and diversity policy that sets the framework and description of the goals for PEO. @@@MoreBegin@@@ This module is designed to help you understand why PEO has a policy on equity and diversity. It suggests very practical ways to reduce barriers to meeting participation and engagement and invites you to develop your own action plan in response to the policy as part of your responsibilities as an active member of PEO.

Equity, diversity and inclusion have the power to make a difference for engineering and the impact that engineers can make through their work. Within the diverse membership of PEO we can find diverse talents, experiences, and enthusiasms. Inclusion is about creating the conditions to make the most of this mix as we work together at the Chapter, Committee and organizational levels. Including equity principles and diverse perspectives not only enables engineers to produce better solutions, but also helps ensure the solutions meet the needs of a more diverse population.

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Orientation for PEO Volunteers

As a global leader in self-regulation PEO heavily relies on its volunteers. Volunteers at Professional Engineers Ontario make a big difference by contributing to the engineering profession and to the PEO’s success. In order to help our volunteers to find their volunteering engagement with PEO productive and  enjoyable we have developed a Volunteer Orientation module that assist volunteers with their first interaction with the association. This module gives general information about PEO as an organization, as well as specific information related to PEO’s volunteer program. Here you will find information about the association’s core values, PEO’s council and the 2015-2017 Strategic Plan. The module also provides information about various types of volunteer activities at PEO. You will learn about PEO’s committees and task forces, chapters and external volunteer appointments, as well as current policies and procedures. PEO volunteers will share their stories about their current and past volunteer experiences. The module includes information about the recognition of PEO’s volunteers.


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Preparing Effective Briefing Notes

Preparing briefing notes for PEO Council meetings can be a challenging task. This module is designed to help you understand why effective briefing notes are import to the success of Council meetings. It will through examples of actual material from Council meetings, outline the three types of briefing notes, Briefing Note – Information, Briefing Note – Decision and Briefing Note – Decision – Act/Regulation/By-Law Change. The module will also explain when to use these briefing notes and how to complete them. It will also provide information on where to find resource and reference materials that will assist you in preparing effective briefing notes.

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Privacy at PEO: What You Need To Know

PEO’s Privacy Policy is a statement of the principles and guidelines for the minimum required protection of personal information collected, used or disclosed by PEO. The objective of PEO’s Privacy Policy is responsible and transparent practices in the management of personal information, in accordance with contemporary privacy expectations. PEO’s Privacy Policy also provides guidance as to how it interprets its ability to disclose information “as may be required in connection with the administration” of the legislation as set out in section 38 of the Professional Engineers Act.

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Professional Practice Exam (PPE) Keys to Success

Grant Boundy, P.Eng., FEC, worked at PEO for 14 years before retiring in 1995 as manager, licensure. @@@MoreBegin@@@He has since provided valuable guidance and support to members of PEO’s Engineering Intern (EIT) Program and developed a number of training materials to assist licensure applicants in preparing for the professional practice exam. A long-time volunteer with the association, Boundy was inducted into PEO’s Order of Honour as an Officer in 1998 in recognition of his significant contributions, which included service on council, several council committees and chairing the Scarborough Chapter.

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